CIW 1D0-437 Perl Fundamentals


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Our aim is to give learners a set of tools that assist in gaining industry certifications. The ITX Learning Test Prep solution will help prepare individuals for taking the real certification exam. First use Learn Mode to help validate your knowledge and understanding on individual exam objectives. Then move on to Exam Mode, this option will simulate the live exam experience. Finally review your scores on the analytics page and if you achieve a score of 90% or above in all the objectives then you are ready to sit the exam.

Using this approach will help you achieve the passing score for the CIW 1D0-437 Perl Fundamentals certification exam.
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Exam Objectives

Define users and operation of the Perl interpreter, including but not limited to:basic scripting, print function, variables (no percentage)

Direct program flow using statements, loops and Boolean expressions

Use regular expressions to search and manipulate strings

Use arrays to store and manipulate program data

Use hashes to organize and manipulate program data with keys

User subroutines to make code more logical and easier to debug

User files to store, read, and write data

Process command line and external data using environment variables and arguments

Use packages and modules to organize, resue, and export program code

Implement and created object-oriented programmin techniques in Perl

Define database programming, including bu not limited to use of modules and SQL to access external data

Use Perl debugging features to identify programming errors