Striving to increase your value in the workplace and learn new skills is paramount in the IT industry. Certifications give you the competitive edge that sets you apart from the crowd whether you are looking for work or are just trying to find a way to improve your skill set to get that promotion.

As you progress in your career, you need a learning partner that evolves with you. Investing in the right training program can guarantee your success in getting your certification and securing the job you want.

With our learning platform, you will keep pace with the speed of technology, work smarter not harder, and ensure you have the skills necessary to compete.

Higher Education

At ITX Learning we understand demands of teaching can be overwhelming. Each student learns and grows at a different pace; making it a challenge to ensure each and every one of them is receiving the time and attention needed. Contribute to your students’ growth by providing an individualized approach allowing each student to grow at their own pace while concentrating on their personal knowledge gaps.

Our courseware, labs, and practice exams allow you to serve more students, be more effective, and integrate technology into engaging lessons.

For Business

Whether you are a small or large company, your employees are your greatest asset. Training and Certification is a great way for your employees to demonstrate they strive for professional growth.

Investing in training increases efficiency and employee morale while creating career growth tracks that result in competent, reliable employees equipped to solve your internal and external customer needs.

Give your company a competitive edge and improve your ability to react to technology changes quickly.


We provide training solutions for your department with custom content built around government mandates such as 8570.1, assurance standardizations, and compliancy programs. Our training and hands on lab programs will ensure your staff masters the challenges of Cybersecurity and Networking.

ITX Learning is a proud member of the CompTIA Network+, Security+ and Project+ Certification Advisory Committees, the 1105 Media Government Training Advisory Board, and the CompTIA Colloquium.

Real Solutions

As your business model evolves, you need a learning provider that can deliver a solution on time and on budget. Our platform will allow you to evaluate the technical abilities of your teams in order to maximize their efforts and productivity. Align your training to key business objectives that will close the skills gaps in vital areas like security, cloud, and data.

A Plan for Everyone

There are no two companies alike and training is not “one size fits all”. ITX Learning has a variety of different options and models to suit any company. Our award-winning video and test prep courses are delivered in a customized, mobile friendly, interactive LMS which will keep your employees engaged throughout the training process.

Price Flexibility

ITX Learning provides customized training solutions for both small and large businesses. Our pricing model is built to ensure our solutions are extremely cost effective and deliver you the highest possible ROI for your training budget.

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