(Policy Revised: August 1, 2018)

ITX Learning Partners, LLC acquired ExamForce assets in July of 2017. CramMaster is an intellectual asset that was not part of the acquisition agreement with ExamForce and should not be confused as an ITX Learning asset.

ITX Learning is currently conducting an ongoing outreach campaign to all ExamForce customers via phone and email to notify users of this acquisition and the terms set forth.

ITX Learning does not sell CramMaster Lifetime Memberships or Non-Vendor Specific Membership Packs, nor do we offer refunds or honor any guarantee to products previously purchased from ExamForce. ITX Learning neither owns or produces new CramMaster releases, therefore no longer offers this product for distribution.

Presently, ITX Learning is committed to honoring limited fulfillment of previous ExamForce CramMaster Lifetime Memberships and/or Membership Packs. ITX Learning will review each individual ExamForce account on a case by case basis to determine what type of fulfillment can be offered to ExamForce users.

Any approved fulfillment of CramMaster Lifetime Memberships and/or Membership Packs will be made by providing the equivalent ITX Learning asset (Video Training, Labs, Test Prep). It is our goal to meet the needs of these users to establish a mutually beneficial relationship moving forward.

Please understand at some point in the future this policy may change. Prior to these terms changing, users impacted by such will again be notified via phone and email. ITX Learning will provide an optional solution to continue services under new terms for these users if they so choose.

All fulfillment requests can be made at and will be reviewed by our team to determine the best course of action.

ITX Learning offers a sales model which is more in line with today’s approach to eLearning. Our All Access subscriptions are paid either monthly or annually to the product line of your choice giving you more flexibility for what you need, when you need it, under affordable terms you set.

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For more information regarding CramMaster Lifetime Membership and Membership Pack Policies you originally agreed to through ExamForce, please read below.

  • EXAMFORCE LIFETIME CUSTOMER POLICY – CramMaster Lifetime Memberships are vendor specific and were offered at a substantial discount from single unit prices. CramMaster Lifetime Memberships provided access to all current and future CramMaster titles for the specific vendor for which a Lifetime Membership was purchased (e.g. Microsoft, Cisco, or CompTIA). All current titles, future upgrades, and vendor version changes, as well as future engine and web portal updates, are available to CramMaster Lifetime Members. Fulfillment of CramMaster Lifetime Membership titles is limited to three at time of initial purchase. Additional titles are available two per month thereafter. CramMaster Lifetime Memberships are licensed to a single user without expiration. CramMaster Lifetime Memberships do not qualify for a money back guarantee.


  • EXAMFORCE MEMBERSHIP PACK POLICY  – Memberships Packs are non-vendor specific and offered at a substantial discount from single unit prices. Non-vendor specific Membership Packs (i.e. CramMaster, Labs, Video Courseware) provide the number of product titles specified at purchase. All current titles, upgrades, vendor version changes, as well as future engine and web portal updates, are available to non-vendor specific Pack Members. Fulfillment of Membership Pack titles is at customer discretion without restriction or expiration until the purchased quantity has been fulfilled. Non-vendor specific Membership Packs are licensed to a single user. Non-vendor specific Membership Packs do not qualify for a money back guarantee.